Free Wi-Fi Services in Indian Railway Stations

Free Wi-Fi Services in Indian Railway Stations

Free Wi-Fi is something likable to almost everybody. Owing to the world where globalization and technological advancements are at the peak level, citizens need free internet. This is simple to cope up with their busy lifestyle, digital innovations, and other technical reasons. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Government decided to install free Wi-Fi services to the Indian Railway stations. This initiative was taken in the year 2015, powered exclusively by Google under the RailTel project. As told by the Google team, the services got active in 400 Indian railway stations as a test. Now, almost every major railway station in India has free Wi-Fi to enable passengers with internet services until their train arrives.

When was this Implemented?
Google, along with the collaboration of Indian railways and RailTel initiated free Wi-Fi services at 400 Indian railways stations. These crucial steps ensure safer railway seat booking information, train location, and other details to the passengers. Also, passengers can use this service until their train arrives at the platform.
The announcement of this initiative took place when Indian PM Narendra Modi first visited Google headquarters in the Mountain View, California. Amongst the stations where Wi-Fi services were made available, Mumbai was the first one to get it. Not only did this ameliorate the passengers needs but also elevated the Indian railways booking and profits by many folds.
According to a study, more than seven million people use this service at every railway station. The study also reveals that every passenger consumes about 350 MB of data per session. Along with this, many of the passengers use Google Station services to know more about their train and seat statuses. Overall, this initiative is a boon for the Indian economy as well as the Indian citizen as far as train journeys are concerned.

Reasons Behind This Initiative
Railway stations contain a variety of places with rich diversity and culture. This initiative aims to divert the digital decline in the nation along with rendering better facilities to the passengers as far as train information is concerned. This will also facilitate train passengers with all the information while waiting for the train. Not just the train information, work-related aspects, and personal matters can also be dealt using the free Wi-Fi services.
RailTel along with Google provides high-speed internet connectivity, rendering the users with immense gratification. Radio access networks along with technological support are also about to be provided by the Google team. This is believed to be the greatest Wi-Fi network all over the world with advanced features and technology that’s ever flourishing. The Wi-Fi service shall provide high-speed connectivity for watching undisturbed high-quality content, download movies, songs, games by the passengers at Railway station. Overall, the technology instilled with digitalization has proved to be enthralling for the passengers. Being highly appreciable in nature, this initiative has ameliorated the lives of almost every train traveler. Google’s contribution has been great in rendering this Wi-Fi service successful.

Why Google Provides Free Wi-Fi?
Google fetches immense profit out of these free Wi-Fi services. It’s not just the passengers who are getting profit out of this initiative. According to an analysis, half of the population is still not equipped with free internet services. If Google gets access to such user’s activities, they can track down their interests and then provide personalized advertisements to them. It’s just a matter of how fast you reach to those users and avail their interests, that’s what benefits them. India possesses such users at an immense level. Hence, Google targeted the Indian economy to render more user benefits to the company.
Free Wi-Fi costs don’t outgrow the profit that Google will be getting out of such users and their activities. Not only the Indian passengers but also the Google team benefits a lot from this vast initiative.

Why the Government focuses on Free Wi-Fi?
Foreign tourists can avail of the free Wi-Fi facility to attain essential information easily. Hence, with lesser pain in finding details out, the tourism sector will flourish astonishingly.
Less of the fraudulent agents will flourish when free information is made available to every person. These anti-social elements breach the laws and instill and unsafe environment at the stations.
Trains are most importantly used by the youth for travelling to their respective homes along with hostels or colleges. A smarter and richer India will make them use their time and money in an effective manner.

How Indian Railways Can Make People More Aware?
Although the technology has been instilled at the railway stations, many of the passengers are still unaware of this astounding opportunity. It’s the duty of the Indian government to let people know more about this facility. These advancements will only be beneficial when more and more people know about such innovations. Here are some astonishing ways to let people know more about the free Wi-Fi services.
• Through Stalls and Shops, the Government can add printed signboards which indicate “Free Wi-Fi Services Available” to let more people know about this ecstatic facility.
• Through announcements, Indian railways can make several announcements regarding the same for those who aren’t able to read the signboards. An announcement once in a while between train news wouldn’t harm anybody.
The Free Wi-Fi initiative is an amazing one if used properly by the citizen. It’s the responsibility of the government to let the citizen know about such innovations.

How these innovations affect the Indian Economy?
Indian economy is growing at a tremendous rate because of such digital innovations and advancements. With free Wi-Fi services, people can avail of more information and awareness. Also, this can be fruitful for the Indian government for they will get a chance to improvise on the user interactions and economy of the nation.
The total GDP and other rates will definitely increase with such digital creativity. A smarter, better, and Richer India will always thrive and achieve the best. If such innovations continue to happen, a developed India isn’t distant at all.

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