Tips to book online Tatkal ticket fast

Tips to book online Tatkal ticket fast

Whenever there is a last-minute plan, there is a desperate struggle to get the tickets confirmed. This is where Tatkal ticket booking comes to your rescue. As the name suggests, tatkal booking in Indian Railways is meant for immediate ticket booking i.e. just one day before the departure date. Trains have a predetermined number of seats reserved under the tatkal quota in both AC and non-AC coaches. 

The tatkal windows open for a brief time of one hour (AC class at 10:00 A.M and non-AC class at 11:00 A.M.) During this short time, the IRCTC website is flooded with visitors, and booking a ticket becomes a difficult task. You have to be really fast while booking the online tatkal ticket in order to get a confirmed ticket. 

So, here are a few tips to get the tatkal ticket booked online very fast

  • Log in a few minutes before the window opens

You can save precious time by logging in to your IRCTC account a few minutes before the tatkal booking opens. Make sure you’re logged in to one device only, to avoid failure.

  • Keep all your details ready

Keep all the details that you might require handy, you keep them in a word file so that you can easily copy-paste them during booking. 

Moreover, one can also make a master list on the IRCTC account which includes details like passenger’s name, age, Id card type, food, and berth preference. It can be used to autofill the details on the IRCTC page.

Save your payment details 

Entering card/payment details and then waiting for OTP will consume most of your precious time. Therefore, it is advised to save your card details beforehand. Also, load your payment wallet with the required amount of money, to bypass the OTP hassle. 

  • Make sure you the station details

Make sure you know the source and destination station name and codes. Keep it somewhere in the notepad, so that you can easily copy it while searching for the train. 

Note: Remember you can only book twice using an IRCTC user ID in a month. If you already used your ID twice a month, you cannot use it for the third time. Try to arrange a friend’s ID well in advance to avoid a last-minute hurry. 

However, these tips will only work if you have a fast and stable internet connection. Therefore make sure your internet connection is working properly. 

Hope you find this information helpful, do let us know if you have any other tips. 

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