Top 5 Cleanest Railway Stations in India

Top 5 Cleanest Railway Stations in India

Transportation is the ultimate means of survival, trade, economy, and finance. Without the versatile modes of transportation, India wouldn’t reach the place it has now. As the technological advancements kept emerging at full pace, so did the transportation industry’s advancements. Without the aid of transportation, absolutely no trade or economy would have been possible till now. Various ways to enable the transport of goods from one place to another has been possible till now. One such mode is the Railways. The railway industry has been flourishing in the Indian nation for over a century now.
Indian railways are distinct and a landmark for the Indian citizenry. Having a vast route and employing the majority of the population, Railways is crucial for the overall economy. More than half of the Indian population depends on the Railways for travelling to places. However, no two railway stations are the same as far as cleanliness and hygiene is concerned. According to the state government and the load at stations, the services enabled at various stations differ greatly. More than 14 thousand trains run everyday carrying around 23 million people and tons of freight. Here are some of the cleanest railway stations that have excelled in the hygiene analysis.

Visakhapatnam Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh
The east coast railways administer this astonishing railway station and it’s functioning. According to an analysis conducted by the railways, this station ranks the first amongst the list of cleanest railway stations. It has also been given the title of an A1 Station due to the services provided to the passengers here.
Also, this station is the ultimate destination of people i.e. it’s a terminal station. Every train that runs up till this station must go back in the same way. One major problem that often occurs at this station is that many trains arrive here at the same time and chaos is the ultimate result. If any train gets delayed by a few hours, other trains have to wait at the stations Duvvada or Vizianagaram. Overall, this station is an ecstatic one with tremendous facilities for the passengers. Also, it is the cleanest of all the stations available.

Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station, Delhi
Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station is under the control of the Northern railway administration board. Along with booking centers, it has other facilities like waiting rooms and other facilities. Owing to these features, the station is regarded as one of the best in Delhi.
The citizen of Delhi depends upon this astounding railway station to cater to people from one place to another. Earlier, the long-distance trains carrying passengers from Delhi used to terminate or pass through the three major railway stations like Delhi Junction (Old Delhi), New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Stations. After a deep study, the government got to know that the stations lack adequate infrastructure to tolerate the load of such a vast rush. Also, Delhi is the linking destination for the trains that run to different states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu, and Kashmir. Northern railways realized that another major railway station is much needed to bear the load of ever-increasing passengers from Delhi.

Jammu Tawi Railway Station, Jammu, and Kashmir
One of the major railway stations with ecstatic facilities is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station. Earlier Himsagar Express, the nation’s second-longest-running trains get its departure from this astonishing station carrying about lakhs of passengers.
The connecting link of Jammu Tawi is well with the other major Indian railway stations. Hence, it’s a boon for both the Jammu Inhabitants and other Indian citizens. The station is one of the cleanest in India and its code is JAT. Earlier, the second longest-running train, Himsagar Express that goes from Katra to Kanyakumari used to start from this station. Now it originates from SMVD KATRA.
According to analysis, this station is the third cleanest railway station in the whole of the nation. Also, it is included in the A1 category of stations. From well-maintained hygienic dustbins to a staff that is dedicated to cleaning, the station has it all.

Vijayawada Junction Railway Station
Vijaywada Station is administered by the prestigious South railways administration board. Overall analysis showed this station to be the fourth-best as far as cleanliness is concerned. Apart from being quite clean and hygienic, it is also one of the busiest railway stations in India. Vijayawada Junction Railway Station is also included under the A1 category of railway stations. Overall marks obtained by this station were 82% for cleanliness.
The Vijayawada city junction railway station pioneered in the year of 1888 with the train routes of the South Railways Department. In 1889, an extension up till Secunderabad took place, facilitating a lot of trade and passenger transport. With such extensions, the station is now a meeting point of three different train routes.
Vijayawada station is instilled with some astonishing station features and bewildering traction. With proper electrification, all the tracks are equipped with a proper gauge structure. All the ten platforms are instilled with a broad gauge pattern to facilitate the better running of trains. Amongst all the platforms on the station, the second platform is the broadest and most spacious of all.

Secunderabad Junction Railway Station
The Secunderabad railway station is believed to be one of the largest railway stations in the nation. Being one of the intercity stations, the station has its location in the center of Hyderabad. This railway station secured a score of 80% in the cleanliness report. The station is properly equipped with dustbins, tracks, and well-maintained cleanliness staff.
This station has good connectivity to the entire nation via rail. The passenger load at the station on per day basis is more than one lakh. About 229 trains arrive and carry passengers to about all the parts of the world. It is the zonal headquarters station of the South Central Railway (SCR) due to its situation in the Vijaywada and Wadi route. Overall, the station is an enthralling one with proper connectivity, Free Wi-Fi, and other perks that the passengers can easily avail.

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