Top Five Best Train Route

Top Five Best Train Route

Indian railways are astonishing in many ways, excelling in transport and catering facilities. It employs more than half of the country’s population. Also, the transportation medium is a top-notch one with proper facilities and services. The railways transportation is the lifeline of the nation and almost every person travels via this mode at least once in a year. Not just the passengers, even goods, machinery, logistics are transported via this astonishing medium.
This means highly economical for it renders the marketers and traders with a low-cost means of goods transport. Owing to the low freight charges, traders can get their transportation aspects done at reasonable prices. Overall, Indian railways prove to be the heart and soul of the marketing, trading and transportation industry. Here are the top five best train routes present in the nation.

Vasco da Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka)
The route pertains via the Goa Express, the train travels through the Goan beaches, lush green forests and embellishing natural beauty. This route is filled with bright pink flowers that hang close to the train windows. Passengers can easily touch and pluck some of them on their way. The view offered by this route is breathtaking and appreciated by almost every passenger. Once it enters the Western Ghats, the train takes huge curves and turns along the side of thick jungles ornamented with big blossoms. Also, on the way, there’s a waterfall as well which is clearly visible to the passengers. After the jungle, the tree density gets lowers and that’s when you spot the falls, keep your eyes glued for the same. As you reach the Londa station, you will find the sun peeping through the windows in between.
The route takes about three hours and these three hours would be the most enthralling of your life. The total journey contains about 81 km of travel through the serene beauty of the Western Ghats.

New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Tinsukia , Ledo (Assam)
The overall journey via this route takes about 16 hours but it’s all worth the natural instincts you’ll get to watch. Dibrugarh Rajdhani express runs through this astonishing train route which is the second most beautiful in the nation. The route involves the passengers to change the train once and is equipped with about two trains. This is because Tinsukia to Ledo segment lies in the easternmost part of the railways. Beginning from West Bengal, this highly fast train first reaches Assam Station. While travelling, you’ll watch the emerald green paddy field and tea plantation that would definitely take your breath away.
While southern India’s railway greenery contains curves, this one is extremely flat and beautiful. As the night approaches, the train runs through the Brahmaputra River following the city slums and greenery up till the deepest parts. If you get off the steps of the train, you’ll definitely land in somebody’s kitchen. From Tinsukia, the passenger train will move through a jaw-dropping view of nature and scenery. Afterward, it runs past the houses of people and the distance is so close that you can have a glance at their breakfast meal.

Pune (Maharashtra) to New Delhi
If you’re travelling from Pune to Delhi via Duronto Express, you’re in for some enthralling nature view. This train is one amongst very few trains that are labeled as “non-stop trains” owing to their speed and less stopping junctions. This astonishing train, Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi ameliorates the journey for the passengers. This is achieved by cutting about 6 hours from an original 26 hours journey. The overall service offered by the staff is great and passengers can also avail of the benefits of some astounding scenery through the Western Ghats.
From the morning up till sunset, the train runs past breathtaking rivers, ecstatic waterfalls, jaw-dropping scenery, and many other eye-soothing agents. Also, the Duronto Express offers passengers with delicious food and great catering services. Even the cleanliness, new interiors, and a sleeker design are worth appreciating. Not to forget, the phone sockets, berths and bottle holders also work efficiently. It also provides a safer journey for the trains are absolutely derailment proof.

Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai
Sandwiched between the Sahyadri hills towards the eastern side and the Arabian Sea on the opposite side, the Konkan railways proves to be an astounding journey for those travelling up till Mumbai. Constructing this breathtaking route even crossed the Britisher’s mind, but due to the tedious nature of the construction, they left it on the Indians. The journey is highly daunting, boring through mountains, crossing multiple rivers, and build 92 tunnels and 2,000 bridges.
Out of these bridges, the Panvalnadi bridge is the most talked off bridge in India. Passengers often leave the doors open to let the eerie nature of this journey peep in and hug them. The sunlit paddy fields following which the coconut and mango trees are lined is a sight to sore eyes. Small villages that contain never-ending blossoms and wildflowers are additional advantages of this sought after route.
Overall, the route takes you to an amazing journey of 12 hours. This means 12 hours of natural beauty, mountains, and lush green forests.

Mumbai to Delhi (Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey)
Amongst the most astounding routes, this is the one with clean stretches and scenes. The palace on wheels has now been taken over by other rulers but the route still persists. The elegant Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey connects Mumbai and Delhi with Rajasthan being one of the stops in between. If you’re up for a true Rajput feel while travelling, you must consider this route. However, you must keep in mind that it isn’t so cheap.
You can also travel through the same route by cheaper passenger trains, But that way you will lose the charm and beauty that the route has to offer along with AC coaches and amazing service. While in the day you can explore the beauty of Ranthambore, along with visiting the rapidly deteriorating caves at Ellora and Ajanta. The train provides passengers with a true feel of Rajput travel with services that will blow off your mind. The entire journey takes about 6 to 10 hours.

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